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The Start of Charlie Promo


My name is Charlie, welcome to my blog.

It’s my birthday weekend and it’s already a good one.  I started off today with a nice bubble bath before work.  My normal duties at WPromo include security work and greeter at the front.  Johnathon brought me some bacon from his breakfast, which was very tasty. He is a good friend to me! 

I started to get hungry around 11, so I went down to Hey Sugar and got my daily waffle cone. This time with a bit of strawberry ice cream. Yummm-ee!

Business was pretty brisk today, as are most Fridays, so I had A LOT of greeting to do.  But then, around 2:30, we started my birthday celebration. All of my fellow employees came to celebrate, along with my godfather Brad, and the girls from Hey Sugar.  Rose brought me cupcakes, cake and cookies. My dad brought green ice cream with cookies IN IT. Many friends brought gifts too, I'm very thankful for that.

We had a GREAT TIME and they sang me "Happy Birthday".  I had TWO pieces of cake, so I am very full... and tired. I think I will take a nap now. 

Thanks again to all of my W Family and friends for a great birthday celebration and special thanks to Raychel for getting me my own blog!  


Charlie (Charlie Promo)