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Costumes, Treats & Bones to Eat!

Whew, Halloween was a fun one!

I spent yesterday in costume, so a lot of people didn’t recognize me.  I remember being a Frog, Super Man (Super Charlie), a Pumpkin, and then a Frog Prince. Which one below is your favorite?

We went trick-o-treating all over downtown and had some SUPER treats.  Then, there were so many kinds kids ringing my doorbell, BUT all they wanted was candy.  I thought they wanted to play with me. Really?? It turned out to be ok, because I got to watch the Bears win! Now THAT was a blast!

Today, I am tired of candy and treats, so I decided to take it easy here at work. I've got a fun weekend ahead! My cousin Archibald Ginsburg (Archie) is coming, from Lubbock, to stay with me! We have a play day scheduled at Best Fido Friend tomorrow, and then hang out the rest of the time.

Till next time!

SUPER Charlie Promo

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's.... Charlie Promo!